Buildant’s timecard solution helps OHLUSA Lakeview Overcrossing project to a completion

June 6th, 2017 marks the completion of the OHL Lakeview Overcrossing project and the successful deployment of the Buildant Mobile Timecard. For this project, Buildant replaced OHL’s pencil and paper timecard system with a tablet-based, digital timecard. This solution streamlined the documentation process from foremen to the office engineers and accounting staff. In the case of foremen, one worker saved nearly two hours a day by using Buildant’s mobile application instead of filling out forms on paper. Furthermore, the office engineers and finance team saved even more time, because they reduced the number of mistakes made and only needed to fill out information once. Members of the accounting team remarked, the application was “great” and “easier to read than paper timecards.” The Buildant application also eliminated the use of paper and automated daily costs and cost reports, which made analyzing cost codes a more efficient process. Finally, the application’s easy scaling solution can increase or decrease the number of licenses to suit each job, and so made the project more flexible and cost effective.

This successful job implementation marks the continuing trend of digitizing traditional paper timecards and job accounting. For more information or for your free trial of the Buildant Mobile Timecard, please visit the Buildant home page here: